Fuzhou Masterplan

Expected Completion 2016

The project was commissioned by the Chinese government in Fuzhou City, capital of Fujian province, as an ambitious people-orientated urban project. The goal is to link up two major water bodies, the West Lake and the Minjiang - the ‘mother river’ of Fuzhou through a forested and hilly mountain, Jinniushan. We seek to provide much needed connectivity and accessibility to open green spaces, providing a much needed relief from the highly urbanised and dense city of Fuzhou.

Our design consists of an intelligent all-terrain walkway system which aims to integrate with the hilly topography and the heavily forested site. The conception of the masterplan includes 10 iconic place-making entrances in order to complement and synergise with this trans-urban eco spine. The project has two important pedestrian bridges as part of the overall walkway system. Furthermore, the architecture sets out to capture the unique culture of Fuzhou.

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Urban Design